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“Many Brookfield residents who visit City Hall have shared positive comments regarding the Brookfield Elm Grove White and Yellow Pages. They indicate that they still have the old telephone book at home, and really appreciate the updated information. On behalf of the residents of this community, thank you for publishing this valuable local resource!”

- Mayor Jeff Speaker, City of Brookfield

“I just received my copy of the Brookfield Elm Grove White and Yellow Pages. Very Nice! It will be a good resource for me.”

- Marianne Spiegel, AFLAC

“I love the new Community Directory. Thank you so much”.

- Patricia McGavock, Brookfield resident

“Hello: My name is Nancy Ells and I cannot thank you enough for reintroducing the Brookfield/Elm Grove directory, it has been such a long time that we have had one and I must say, I still have my old one from years ago that has seen better days but I just cannot bring myself to throw(ing) it away. Lots of things have happened in my life since 1995 when I think the old one was established. How time flies. This new book will make life a lot easier and again, thank you so much for bringing this back."

- Nancy Ells, Brookfield resident

“Thank you for the new Community Directory. My old one is very worn and tattered, and when I read some time ago that a new one was being published, it was good news! Also please relay my thanks and appreciation to the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce for supporting the new directory. It is attractively done and easy to read."

- Phyllis Hill, Brookfield resident

“Thank you very much for putting out the new Phone Directory. It’s been missed a lot around here. I would like to purchase another copy if possible. Do you have any more that I could buy from you?”

- Roy Robinson, Brookfield resident

“I’m just calling to tell you how much I appreciate the Blue Book. I think its great having it back! I’ve missed it for the years it’s been gone, and I just wanted you to know I really like it! I like the new format, it’s easy to read, and very much appreciated! Thank you for your hard work on this!”

- Donna Danowski, Brookfield resident

“Thank you for sending out the Brookfield/Elm Grove Community Directory. The book is very nice, our ad is laid out perfect. Thank you for the time you spent with us getting the ad together. I wish Waukesha had such a nice community directory.”

- Laura Strackbein, Rochester Deli

Brookfield Elm Grove White & Yellow Pages
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*Also referred to as the Brookfield Yellow Pages, Elm Grove Yellow Pages, Brookfield White Pages, Elm Grove White Pages, Brookfield Blue Book or Elm Grove Blue Book.

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